The Bored Geek

I have always wanted to have my own Blog, but never knew what I would say on it. Today it occurred to me! I have way too much free time on my hand and have a problem keeping myself busy. I also have Adult ADD so that make it even harder to sick to a project. So I thought… since I am always trying to find stuff to do, why not share my exploits and discoveries with everyone. It might give you some ideas or at least give you an insight into my unusual lifestyle.

I was asked recently to help a friend to set up a blog (, during the process I had to investigate blogging software and determined that WordPress was the best choice so I installed WordPress v2.3.1. I have installed WordPress before but never really played with it because I did not have a project that required it. To my surprise it can do a lot more than I thought it could do. This time around I discovered the WordPress plugins and a whole new world opened up to me. I finished the site for my friend and decided to give it a try for myself and here we are.

I will be talking about all the things I do to try and keep myself busy. Some examples of this would be writing computer programs for friends, designing websites, learning all kinds of new things, listening to Audibooks, watching TV, Movies and there is a lot more. I will go into more detail about that stuff when I am doing it. For the past several days I have been playing with WordPress, trying out plugins, playing with the template, etc. Today I decided to actually write some content. This should keep me interested for a few more days before the ADD kicks in and something else catches my eye. lol. I will keep updating the Blog but you can be sure that the topics will change often.

Last week I started to read a book on Learning C# (Visual C Sharp 2005 – How To Program). I got up to page 144 out of 1556 before the WordPress project came along and distracted me. I hope to get back to it as I have always wanted to learn to program in C, and C# is the new C.